Half Day (12 hours, no overnight) – $4500

One exciting day together (24 hours) $8500

Two unforgettable days (48 hours) $15000

Three day weekend (72 hours) $18000

One unforgettable week together – $35000

(longer arrangements must include 3 hours of personal time each day for me to check the emails, make a couple phone calls and squeeze a quick workout. I require 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to look and feel my best, for any arrangement longer than 24hrs – each day.) I would also like get more information ahead of time of the trip/stay. I need to be able to have some personal space in our suite. I prefer quality stays and accommodations, first-class airfare and all expenses paid for.

Longer engagements allow us to get to know each other and feel at ease, comfortable and relaxed.

Please consider this especially if it is your first date ever with a companion. 

Fly Me To You

LocationMinimum Date Duration & Rate
East Coast4hrs+, on outcall rate = $2,600+
Midwest6hrs+, on outcall rate = $4,000+
West Coast12hrs or Overnight + on outcall rate = $7,000+

Drive Me To You

Driving TimeMinimum Date Duration & Rate
2 hours or less3hr+, outcall rates only
More than 2 hours4hr+, outcall rates only

Will only drive a maximum of 4hrs to my destination anything past that is an automatic FMTY.