Screening is mandatory.

I prefer initial contact via my contact form or email at ElizaEishen@protonmail.com. Texting me is okay, but calling me is prohibited unless it is requested by me for screening and I am the one who needs to arrange it.

I have a phenomenal selection of wardrobe. I am into fashion and style which means that I have a variety of outfits for any occasion. If you prefer that I be dressed casual, please be sure to mention it. If there’s a look or a hue you prefer that stood out to you on Twitter, I’m happy to accommodate for longer dates.

In general, most people set it in an open area (i.e. counter, bathroom, etc.) where it is visible to the eye, in an unsealed envelope. If we are in public, you can use a book, magazine, or gift bag to present it discreetly.

Life happens and sometimes we cannot control it. I understand. Please go here and find the tab that says “Cancellation Policy”

The photos I have up are the ONLY photos I am willing to share. I choose not to show my face for my privacy and for yours. While I am often called a head turner, it is never because I am recognized for my web presence. That would not only be indiscreet, but quite embarrassing and awkward for both of us. When we are together no one will ever know that I am just your girlfriend for the evening or the weekend.

Absolutely! I do not believe in false promotions. What you see is what you get. I have a trainer I see 3x a week and I take my physical appearance very seriously. My photos and visuals are always updated to keep in present time and not what I hope or wish to look like.

I love that feeling of “time flies by when you’re having fun” and we want to continue the fun by extending. For in-date extensions, the date is $600 per hour or $350 per 30 mins. Please keep in mind that I do have my own life. I cannot always promise that I can extend the date. My best advice to you is to plan ahead how much time you will like to spend together or mention to me that you might want to extend if things go well that way I can free up my schedule for the possibility.

Absolutely! I am genuinely bi. I love to meet with couples or women alone. For this to happen I do need to screen both parties for me to feel safe. Also, this must be the ladies wish as much as the mans. If this is a pressured situation it will not be fun for any of us.

For couples, please add 50% to any booking fee.

I am very open minded so let me know what you desire, and I will try to accommodate your requests.

Please keep in mind that it is to my discretion. I have the right to decline, especially if it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Generally, it can take approximately 12-24 hours for me to respond. I ask for you to be patience with me since I am a “one-man show”. Although, I have an assistant, at times she isn’t always available to help. If I do not respond, that means your form was either incomplete, explicit, or lost in the flood of emails.

Generally, I prefer you contact me ahead of time that way I can prepare myself properly for our date. The rule of thumb is 24 hours.

Please keep in mind that last minutes will mean you get the very raw form & it is not best to meet that way, but if it just so happens to be that way, I will do my best to be as primped as possible.

I am willing to participate in any group or duets if all providers or people involved are verified, screened, and of the same caliber as myself.

Yes. I am very much invested in my privacy and my information. Cammie is one of the only people I will ever trust with anything especially when it comes to this industry. She is highly professional and I have known her for over 20+ years. There is no one else I would want to assist me.